Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogging dilemmas!

You know you like blogging but you don't have the resources?
Big problem isn't it? As we all know blogging is quite costly, it requires a lot of things and time.
To name the few here's my basic and factual lists:

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • A Good Camera
  • Money for blogging purposes (depends on what your blog is all about)
  • Time
  • Creativity
  • Props (depends on what your blog is all about)
In order to possibly start a blog you will need a computer device, it could be a desktop, laptop, netbook, and even a smartphone will do on this modern days. But this could be difficult to invest especially to students and non-woking gals like me. So before you can even start you will need some good fortune to put up your own blog site.
Next would be an Internet Connection, OF COURSE! Computer alone is not yet the key right?
You need a consistent if not permanent internet connection when you decide to put up your own blog. And if for you blogging is more than just a hobby, instead a job then you definitely want to look for a good internet provider that you can afford without sacrificing the joys of life. lol

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Another MUST-HAVE to become a blogger -- CAMERA !!! and this is definitely worth but seriously difficult to invest. *cries* I can only speak for myself here :( Okay, so you have the good idea and the talent for any written pieces but hey!? Even kids don't want a book without pictures, and so are we!!
When you visit a blog you automatically search for photos right? Of course you need some photos of what you're talking about, unless your blog doesn't need the call for it. But nah, you really need photos at least to spice up your plain blog. And sure cameras on your phone or other devices will work on capturing photos BUT definitely not as stunning and functional as a DSLR , SLR or other expensive compact cameras out in the market will perform. So yes this is a huge factor to consider when you decided to put up your own blog.
Next would be MONEY MONEY MONEY ! Do I need to say more? To tackle this for a bit, of course you need money for blogging purposes and mind you this depends on what you are blogging, e.g a HAUL, TOUR, FOOD, SKIN CARE, FASHION..etc it can really get expensive depending on your topic.

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CREATIVITY. This includes your title, idea, photos, and composition. You need to be creative in order to attract readers to read your blog post  of course and to keep them coming back again. This is also the same thing when it comes to vlogging.

PROPS. You just don't take pictures, do you? You absolutely need to have a presentable photos whether it's just a picture of your own showing your stuffs and whatever. You need accessories to spice up your photos and even your background (esp.when vlogging). You might want to invest into your lightning to produce great pictures and videos. But sometimes it doesn't hurt to take photos or do a film with just a plain background. :) And oh, nothing beats the natural light that Mr. Sun gives every morning so make sure to catch 'em up.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize TIME base on my personal experience.
If you'll take blogging/vlogging seriously, I mean as a part time job or even full time job,then you definitely need to --- your time in blogging. Not that I'm exaggerating but believe me you need your time to WRITE, to PREPARE, attend some interesting EVENT, to SHOP (i.e haul), to RESEARCH (what's on the trend?), and time to COMPOSE a good thought. And if you are someone who does the chores at home, who attends to a business matters, someone who practically does everything by himself then trust me, blogging could be a bit tough for you to maintain or even handle smoothly. And again I'm talking base on my experience here. So I really envy those who has everything right at the moment she thought of putting up a blog or at least those who has time and money to even start an interesting write up.I observed that most if not all of the bloggers/vloggers that I followed  were actually rich, in the middle class or at least financially stable just before they even became a successful blogger. But this is just on my own experience, I don't take it  generally though.

 Alright you guys that's all about my thoughts on putting up your own blog.
 Hope you find this somewhat helpful. Good Luck ! ;)

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