Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moshi Manju (Korean Cake)

*Freaked out* Been searching for this baby over the internet for a good three days, I badly want it but I only happened to know one branch (SM MEGA MALL) of this baby and thats quite far from our place now. And so I searched and believed to what I've read, I found a photo of the Moshi Manju stall that says it was taken from SM CITY MANILA! (horray !!) It's only one ride from our home.

 And today after seeing the movie "The Fault in Our Stars" I searched for the stall all over the floor levels, and just before I loose hope I saw the name "MOSHI MANJU" at the underground floor where the Food court is located! I freaked out, really! Haha

                                                Cost: 92php /box of 24pcs
Place bought: SM CITY MANILA

                          It comes with two great flavors, Pastillas de Leche (My personl fave)
                                         and Chocolate filling.


       These are actually more delicious when still hot :)
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